Synopsis Of Donny Dhirgantoro’s Novel “5 CM”

There are five close friends that interlaced the friendship upon the seven years. They are Arial, that most handsome, Riani is the only girl in the team. Zafran who is like to talk anything with poem. Ian who is has biggest body. And Genta is as a leader in the team. They have a strange passion begin from visiting an expensive until cheapest cafe, until watching field movie. One day, because of bored, they are aware if togetherness among them didn’t find a something new; they felt that anything that they did, they did in repetitively. And after sharing to another, Genta had an idea, he said that they in no case to meet until three months later. No one may to meet or talk to another until at a set time. He hoped to resurrect a longing among them, and after three months they would meet in Senen Train station at August 14th. The five young who were called themselves as a Power Rangers and sometimes Google had agreed with the decision. If they wouldn’t met and having communication until at a set time.

During three months they found something new and richen their life that never they got before. Zafran who fallen in love with Dinda, she is twin sister of Arial. He was struggling for get love from Dinda. Then, Arial, he had same case with Zafran. He fallen in love with Indy, a girl who was meeting by Arial when they at Fitness center. Genta, he succeeded become the leader in EO (Event Organizer) in an exhibition gather with his crew. Whereas Ian, in three months he can finished his thesis although he almost give up but finally he can go through and just waiting for graduating ceremony. And the last is Riani; she can finish her apprentice in the one of company and success with a good appreciation.

August 7th, Genta sent massage to fourth his friends, he tell if next in Augusts 14 they would meet in Senen Train Station with bring equipments to climbing mountain and he also given advice to all of his friends to prepare their body by doing physical exercise because they would get an a long trip.

Come upon the time, August 14th they met in Senen Train Station, the meeting after three months that full of yearning. By economic entrain they started to tripping. Trip that full of conviction, idealistic, aspiration, dream, and love. Leave taking and tripping that they got, made them understand about the mean became a real human, not just a body that can speak, walk, and having named.

The journey that full of experiences that they never found before. Begin from knew about the real life of people who lived in a poverty, defend to live for family. They were aware if up till now they didn’t fell it. They life at sufficiency, it made them aware if life is so much worth and lent a helping hand is meaningful for them (pauper). They also found a golden precept during at tripping, climbing to Semeru defensively. With the last energy they still buck for arrived at the top.  And finally, after struggle under difficulties they can pick up their dream. August 17th, they arrived at top of Semeru Mountain, Mahameru. With the other climber they done an independent day ceremony, with proudly and churlishly they gave the salute to the greatness flag by singing an Indonesia Raya song. The ceremony going on commotion by all of climbers. It’s became unforgettable moment, solemnize an independent day ceremony at the top of Java island.

The journey that made them belief to dream, and they able to reach it if they still belief that they can. And you would become a memorable man as a one that still have dreams and belief, not just a body that can speak, walk, and have name. You will became a memorable man who belief with strength of dream and reach it, not just a dreamer, not just an ordinary people without aim but a man that belief on miracle of dreams and aspiration.

Ten years later, they came together in Secret Garden with their children. Arial that finally married with Indy, Zafran with Riani, Genta with Citra, Ian with Salma, and Arinda with Daniek. As we know in a previous story that Zafran who admired so much with Arinda finally he was aware if Riani kept in secret about her felling to Zafran. Genta who has felling to Riani but finally he got his true love with Riani’s partner, Citra. And Arinda who kept in secret about her felling to Genta finally found her true love when journey to Semeru, he is Daniek.

Love is so complicated. We can’t guess when it came and when it gone. For them who didn’t have at belief, although human can’t set back the time but God was given a person a free hand to starting their life to made a beautiful ending. 



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